Thursday, March 1, 2018

Star Wars II (Putin Becomes Reagan)

I always have thought that one of the several brilliant public relations moves that Ronald Reagan made was Star Wars.

He announced a thing that might happen – nobody could say with certainty it wouldn’t or couldn’t happen – (Reagan asserted that it was about to happen, and American technology was pretty dominant at the time, so who could credibly argue?) – and then went on with the rest of his speech.

I have always thought that that gambit played so perfectly to Russian paranoia that they just folded.

And they did.


But, now, today, we have Vladimir de St. Petersburg giving his recent  major campaign for president – again – speech, using cartoons and science fiction (that Ronnie would have loved) to prove that Russia is back.

And all the “we are going to annihilate America” stuff he has on offer to his people is made of the same stuff as Star Wars I: cartoons and foo foo dust.

I have heard a lot of BBC features that document that Russians really like being fucked by their government just as long as they can still be viewed as a great power.

I have no idea how true that might be.

But Puty told them today that they are a great power – again.

So I guess they are as happy as pigs in shit.

Let the BOTs begin.

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