Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lucy, Charlie And The Football

trump has been invited to talk to Kim Jong Un about WW III.

Or something.

I guess that’s a big deal.

If donnie can come back from talks – if they ever happen – from Little Rocket Man with the beginnings of getting the Peninsula to get rid of all nuclear weapons that would be a big deal.

And even I would have to capitalize “Donnie” if he were to pull it off.

But we have a template for what the North Koreans are probably doing.

In the past we have had other moves toward de-nuclearization after which the North moved inexorably to the next step.

Right now they have a bunch of weapons – we don’t know whether they are small enough for delivery by a missile – and missile technology that can reach anywhere in the US.

That’s a big step beyond where they were in 1994 when we last went through this charade.

But this time maybe.

One would hope.

I think that the chances are nil.

Even if Kim is serious – like the Congress of the United States was serious recently about meaningful immigration reform – donnie isn’t.

He just likes to play Lucy with the football.

When he keeps pulling the football out of reach of the kicker’s foot, and when they, the North Koreans in this analogy, call it quits, he will blame everybody, including, probably, most of his staff who will have been involved with the North Korea Charade (again).

That keeps the current reality episode interesting.

To the groundlings.

Who all vote for him.

And that’s all that’s going on.

That and it gets the press off Stormy for a minute.

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