Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Pseudo president And The Unfortunate Woman That Pretends to Be first lady

donnie likes to grab crotch.

We’ve got that on tape.

he also likes to marry a lot.

We’ve got that on history.

I think I can remember:

there was Ivana (I think that was her name) the mother of Ivanka (I think that is her name) ;

and there was Marla Maples; that turned out well; we got Tiffany from that liaison, who looks like a porn star; I have begun to see a pattern here – Ivanka is a little higher class – looking – but her profession is obvious.

And now we have Marlena – or whatever her name is - the current wife and therefore ostensive first lady, and she has spawned a little boy clone of donnie.

Or some such sort of thing resembling a human being.

How sad.

But don’t forget Doogie and Dum Dum – or whatever their names are - donnie’s other sons.

They are big in Russia, I understand; and they looked good in The Cartoon President, a Stephen Colbert production – charmingly stupid, one might say.

But the whole point of this post – as is always the case – can be summarized with a picture, which as usual, is worth a thousand words, so I will stop for short of that word count:

But I need to ask: is this Ivanka, Tiffany or Marlena – or whatever her name is?

Or some future “first lady”?

You’ve Come A Long Way America.


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