Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Photon Enhancement …

Today a friend of mine emailed me a cut and paste from a Florida Panhandle newspaper:

In a state dependent on tourists and sunshine, lawmakers hope the extra daylight would boost the tourism industry.

"They can stay out on the beach longer or stay out on the boat longer and really maximize their time spent in the panhandle," said representative Jay Trumbull.

While the time zones won't change, staying on daylight saving time year round will make a difference half of the year.

"There will be a little bit of change in the winter months, so November through March we will be an hour ahead of most parts of the central time zone," said Trumbull. “

I had to respond:

And there’s more!!!

They have their best people working on a “photon accelerator” which will make daylight arrive faster. 

They acknowledge that exceeding the speed of light is going to be tricky and that they need to develop a “photon trapper” to keep the accelerated light around long enough to do any good, but they say “first things first; we can sell tickets to the ‘daily photon zoom’ (the accelerated photons shooting past – kinda like fireworks at Disney) in the interim”.

I understand donnie wants the photon accelerator installed at his resort.

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