Tuesday, September 18, 2018

donnie’s cat food tweet

donnie woke up the other morning with a great idea.

The base would love it.

He loved it.

Barron loved it.

“Eureka” he shouted.

donnie, that is.

“I have found it” resounded through the heavens.

An idea had occurred to donnie the 45.

That had never happened before.

In his life.

He asked to have his wife join him to celebrate, but she demurred.

So donnie had to be alone.

And that is, we are all learning, dangerous.

The idea was: “let’s gas and grind up all those little illegal kids we have laying around, after we have deported their parents, and make cat food out of them”.

“What a great idea” said Kelly Ann.

“And it will be popular with the cat lobby” said Larry Kudlow.

“What a good use for all those little proto-criminals” said Steve Bannon.

@real etc. etc. etc.tweeted today: “We have solved the problem of starving cats in America; the rest is history”.

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