Friday, September 7, 2018

Reality After donnie

I saw this morning that Omarosa says the style of the anonymous NYT Op Ed is in the style of writing used by Mike Pence and his staff.

Since the 25th Amendment looks pretty much like a coup d’├ętat I think if I were Pence, confronted with the obvious necessity of invoking it, I might  decide that some front end diversions would be advisable and put up a smoke screen ahead of time to induce the proper level of irrational frenzy in the White House.

That could make the need to invoke the amendment obvious to all but the most irrational of the red hat crowd.

On the other hand it all just may all be a part of a very long pilot for a new reality show debuting in 2021: “So You Thought The Borgia’s Were Bad”.

In either event the world is imminently much worse for this debacle.

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