Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Invention Of America

On several occasions I have posted calls for Americans – and anyone interested in truth and the threat that a third rate power, Russia, poses to America and the world - to read The Invention of Russia, by Arkady Ostrovsky, who, when he wrote the book, was a writer for The Economist.

There have been a variety of subsidiary reasons for my pleas for anyone reading this blog to read Invention, but the over arching reason has always been Ostrovsky’s documentation of Putin’s use of alternate facts and conjectural truths and stuff that drives the proletariat to just throw up their hands and say “I don’t know; I don’t know”.

If you can accomplish that dynamic in a country – or in the world – you can rule forever; no one will ever rise up with “the truth” to smite you if you are a dictator who has the alternate facts under your control.

Other than screwing with the pension age, Putin has been unopposed by anybody, least of all by the Russian People.

They love him.

Alternate facts have made them quit asking questions.

It’s all just too much trouble, and, probably, no one really knows what is true.

So who cares.

Bret Kavanaugh endorsed this Putin tactic in his unbelievably over-long, self serving, Nixonian (“I won’t let them take my little dog”) donnian (his allusion to his being the victim of a Clintonian plot – I kept waiting for him to start chanting “lock her up; lock her up”) opening statement.

He is clearly in Puty’s thrall.

I guess that’s good.

So is donnie.

In Puty’s thrall.

(If I end up mysteriously poisoned, I hope somebody will say something, but I doubt if that could happen.)


Having Ol’ Bret on The Court will hasten the Constitutional slide toward lifetime rule of a previously limited power office, in the oldest, and previously greatest democracy in the world.

Can you say King donnie jr?

Or Queen ivanka?.

That contest would be a real goat rodeo.

And Puty and 37,000 american voters and Cambridge Analytica and a voter suppression algorithm got it done.

And the total inability of Americans to talk, compromise and move forward is an indication of how successful the russian takeover of America has been.

Alternate facts, fake news, multiple versions and the Press being the enemy sets the stage.

donnie and his minions – like Ol’ Bret – are running Puty’s Playbook.

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