Thursday, September 13, 2018

I Just Keep Asking Myself

How can the the greatest, most powerful idea/country – to a great extent powerful because the human race has seen its humanity, values and pragmatic globalism – have been brought down in less than two years?

How can 37,000 or so voters in four states have destroyed the last greatest hope for humanity?

That hope being the United States of America.

(I am sorry for this fragment, Sister Justitia; but it works; so I am using it.)

I guess if you have the right algorithm you can cause voters not to vote.

Apparently the Russians and Cambridge Analytica have such an algorithm.

And, I guess, if you control the state legislatures, and are republican, you can pass laws that will keep non republicans – you know, that “other” group all of the white folks want to get rid of – you can pass laws, design voting districts, and create an environment of hate and fear that will cause those of us who are already here, and who WILL ULTIMATELY PREVAIL, and ARE CITIZENS, and who have a RIGHT TO VOTE, not to vote; but you will not win; the Convention of 1787 set something in motion that is unstoppable, and we WILL PREVAIL; and America will be the better for it.

By the way, “those of us who are already here” does not include me.

I was exercising rhetorical voice for another, a group that I am not included in.

But wait: I am a several (I have no idea what my history is, other than we have been here for quite q while) generation born American.

I went mostly to Catholic schools – I have always wondered what was wrong with me; no priest ever made a pass at me; and I was an altar boy.

I went to a “pagan temple of learning” (a term John Laughlin at Central Catholic High School used to use in derision of America’s public education system) for college, and then to Viet Nam.

Look up John Laughlin if you want to know about abuse of kids.

He died recently in prison.

But, that hasn’t got much to do with my story here, other than adding side story spice.

So back to me.

And then I joined IBM.

And then – after I had to escape the IBM implosion at the end of the last century - oblivion.

But I am still here and I still feel the same as I did when I was about 9 or 10 years old living in Portland: America will only be GREAT when WE are ALL a medium tan color.

So saying that the rhetorical voice wasn’t me is true.

I am not a recent non white citizen or threatened non citizen.

But that voice really is me.

Which is why I even took the time to write this thing.

I believe deeply in America.

And America will puke donnie out of its great welcoming maw, as it should have his ancestral drumpfs when they showed up – in due course – and we will again become America.

But the damage this cretin has done may be unfixable.

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