Friday, September 14, 2018

I Just Keep Asking Myself (2)

How can a documented idiot, a documented liar who doesn’t just lob an occasional lie over the transom, but who can’t speak without lying, a rightfully dubbed “fucking moron”, a threat to the continued existence of our Republic, the most serious threat currently identified to the health of the economy of the world, and to it’s continued, post WWII political stability, be allowed to continue to pretend to be the president of the United States of America?

He is a crotch grabber and seems to want to have intimate relations with his daughter.

But those are just interesting reality show stuff.

The continued existence of the American way of life is the issue.

That way of life has done ok to well under 44 presidents to date – even bad ones.

The documented stuff – above – says why we aren’t going to continue to do well; or even continue.

We have never had a disaster in the White House.

Until now.

So why doesn’t he just resign and start a new reality show.

I doubt if I would watch it though.

It wouldn’t be competitive.

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