Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Kavanaugh Situation

If it can be proven that he tried to rape a female teenage classmate I might adopt the widely held red hat donnie view that it was just teenaged hormonal exuberance and must be forgiven now the ol’ Bret has become a man.

I might adopt that view.

I can at least understand the vague outlines of that reasoning pattern.

I doubt that I would but I can imagine that I might.

Adopt that view.

But if the attempted rape can be proven, there is another problem.

And this one can’t be danced around.

Ol’ Bret has flatly denied that such a thing took place.

If it can be proven that it did, then Kavanaugh is a proven liar.

The trump precedents notwithstanding, that disqualifies him from being on the Court.

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