Thursday, January 3, 2019

donnie the deal maker

He could have had 25 billion early last year.

More recently he has been demanding 5 billion.

Now he’s saying that 1.6 billion is good.

I can see why the Democrats are just waiting.

Apparently donnie wakes up in the middle of the night, hallucinates a second self, and they start bargaining.

Since – like the Trinity – these two (known around the White House as “The Duality”)  manifestations of donnie are co-equal in all powers, among them the art of the deal -  the result from each encounter drives the outcome closer to zero. 

Given the masterful deal making powers of both sides of the Duality, over time one would expect, as the Duality continues its nightly encounters, big debit sized demands.

I assume the Democrats are just waiting for the duality to get to a minus trillion.

At that point Nancy will shriek “voila” or some such expletive and announce a balanced budget.

But seriously, “The Duality”: what an Article XXV ridden image.

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