Thursday, January 17, 2019

Nancy And donnie Part One

Dear donnie:

We have been without 25% of our government for several weeks now.

As you know the House has passed multiple bills, all previously passed by a republican House, that would fund the government and let federal workers go back to work.

Unfortunately Mitchell hasn’t let us pass those bills off to the Senate.

The Constitution seems to say that the Senate’s job is to act on bills passed by the House.

But Mitchell apparently knows better.

I know that you are holding 800,000 Americans hostage by not paying them (I guess your vast experience in bilking contractors and employees in private business is being applied to our government) so that you can make the House pass a money bill to build your wall.

I need to point out that, since the House totally disagrees with spending that amount of money on a stupid wall, if I were to support your demand to spend money – spending money being the province of the House, not the Executive – I would be violating my oath to defend the Constitution.

As are you, by the way, by demanding that the House do what you want, not what the House wants.

But this hostage crisis has gone way too far.

So here is the deal.

I am going to pretend that I am not violating my oath.

And, I will introduce a bill to be fast tracked for 6 billion (I know you are really sloppy on your cost estimates as your various bankruptcies have documented, so we are topping up on the amount) to build your stupid wall.

That 6 billion also includes the airline bill for my recent trip that you said I should fly on the economy rather than using military aircraft.

All they could give us – to have the appropriate security – was first class, dedicated aircraft, so it was pretty expensive, but what the hey, right?

The only stipulation is that you have to act as general contractor.

That way we can all see how genuinely incompetent you are.

Or not.

That’s a joke.

We will come after you, though.

Forcing the House of Representatives of the United States of America to pass a money bill so that millions of Americans can be relieved of the pain of your government shutdown is, among other things a violation of your oath of office.

We will impeach you and we will win in the Senate.

Or Mitchell will be next.

Refusing to hear bills passed by the House looks a lot like a violation of his oath.

But then, on the slime scale, he may even be slimier than you.

And that’s really slimy.

By the time they get around to me we will have a Democratic President and Congress – Senate also, so …

Happy Valentines.



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