Friday, January 18, 2019

Washington And The Council - Again

I thought that I had awakened and that I was watching Fox News.

As odd as that should have appeared to me, I accepted it as the facts of the matter.

I never watch Fox News.

I try to avoid all near occasions of heart attack.

Fox News is a major source of those type of occasions.

So I guess I should not have been surprised at what happened next.

I had not awakened on the couch watching Fox News.

I was back in the room of the Council of the Leaders.

The President – remember that is what the Council has dubbed Washington – was still staring at me.

Staring at me with those ice blue eyes that demanded fealty.

He had just said:

“Shape up Citizen; the one of whom you are thinking will not prevail; we did not freeze our asses off that winter; and risk everything we had – all of us – to have donnie win out; we are going to bring that to a halt now; and you are going to be at the forefront of bringing it to an end; and my country, my America, will be greater and stronger when the slime has been purged”.

I thought that I had awakened on the couch.

Watching Fox News.

Apparently not.

On my left was a surprise.

There in the meeting room fixed by the steely blue stare of the first President of the United States of America was another apparently human manifestation.

It was donnie the dildo.

The President fixed him with a glare that – if donnie hadn’t already been  toxic ray immune, due to that orange shit he slathers on – would have fried a normal human.

But donnie isn’t normal.

Nor is he human.

He is just a vagrant waft of protoplasm that unfortunately fell upon America.

“So, you vagrant waft of protoplasm” The President was quite direct, I thought; “that unfortunately fell upon America, you have sullied everything that we the founders risked all and everything for; you are a grifter and a buffoon; I have appointed Harry to fix what you have put at risk; he has pulled our chestnuts out of the fire before, and I believe that  Franklin will support me in this “ The President looked down the table and a man in a wheel chair put both thumbs in the air; “and I believe he can do it again. You, sir, disgust me”.

I woke up again, on the couch, watching Rachel Maddow.

I really do have strange dreams.

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