Thursday, January 31, 2019

Weird Other Side Of An Unacceptable Occurrence

I cut the cable several years ago.

Recently I have signed up for a rudimentary streaming facility.

I thought that I would get back to being a heavy watcher of video entertainment again.

I haven’t.

The extended cut cable situation allowed me to permanently break the addiction.

So I don’t know anything about the current hot shows and their attendant hot personalities.

So all I can do is use generic terms for what I am about to say, because I don’t know the names of anybody who is in the vast hoard of shows that I don’t watch.


This is about the young actor who was attacked a couple of nights ago in Chicago.

As Al Sharpton has said about the incident, it is heinous, horrible and unacceptable in America.

He said something like that.

And I agree Reverend Al with vigor.

But what I find  worthy of noting, and having so noted, asking the question, what kind of creature – there were two of them apparently – would lurk out on the waterfront in massively sub-zero weather at 02H30 with a rope and a container of some kind of fluid?

What made them think that there was going to be a gay black actor out walking around at that time of day, down by the lake, in those kind of inclement conditions?

Conjuring the conversation that would have been the underpinning of laying that plan creates, in my mind at least, a dialogue which could spawn some new sort – I guess the word is genre - of horror/psycho/homo-phobia drama.

It could, if written down, become the treatment for a really twisted Hollywood project.

Maybe it could be the path back for Harvey.

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