Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Who Is To Blame?

donnie said he would take responsibility for the current government shut down before he started it.

As usual he was lying.

Now he says it’s the Democrats’ fault.

Any way anybody who knows anything could look at the situation results in a simple conclusion.

donnie threw a tantrum and said unless the opposition party voted the way he told them to vote he would shut down the government.

Politics aside, the Constitution makes that sort of presidential dictate a really bad idea.

So the Democrats have not voted the way donnie has ordered them to vote.

Because – through no fault of theirs – they don’t agree with what donnie is telling them to do.

Democracy was designed as an alternative to another form of government: dictatorship.

The Democrats have, however, passed several bills that would terminate some or all of the government shutdown.

The Constitution says that those bills should go to the Senate for adjudication and vote.

Ol’ Mitch apparently hasn’t read that part of the Constitution.

He says that he doesn’t want the Senate to vote on those bills.

So donnie’s shutdown continues.

It is clear that the democrats are to blame for something.

They are guilty of being unwilling to ignore the voters who have put them in place and instead take orders from donnie.

Other than that structural guilt, donnie and the lackey republicans own this one.

Unfortunately there is more.

Tonight donnie is going to lie to the Nation on the networks at prime time.

He is going to trump up some hallucinated national emergency – the only place that emergency exists is in the echo chamber between donnie and fox news.

There are a lot of people at our southern border requesting asylum – they show up at official entry points, so they don’t need a wall to fend them off – and there are international and US laws that give those people the right to do that.

That is a completely transparent and totally legal form of immigration.

The illegal kind of entry to the United States from Mexico is at historically low levels.

The “4000 terrorists” that donnie and his staff of hired liars are talking about (3755 I have heard is the exact number) are people who have been stopped at airports somewhere else in the world, not at some culvert on the US/Mexican border.

But donnie will no doubt truck that lie out tonight.

The only “National Emergency” is the continuance in office of a pretend, irrational and incompetent president.

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