Tuesday, January 29, 2019


I woke up earlier than usual – about 06H33.

I laid there for a minute or two trying to convince my body that it needed to go back into the dream state from which I had suddenly emerged.

In that dream state I had been moving off of the roof of a very bricky and ornate several story – old – building onto some kind of ledge that I knew, in my dream, would allow me to work my way back to the ground.

I worked my way for a way along, I guess it was, a ledge, and was at that point in the company of another person.

I knew who it was.

It was Pat, a good friend from high school.

He looked at me.

I looked at him.

I reached out to try to grab something that would allow me to get from the untenable position I was in – roof dreams always have me in precariously untenable positions – and allow me to get onto whatever it was that Pat was on that looked more likely to be a way to get off the building.

What happened was that something broke loose and Pat fell away out of sight.

Even in the dream state I had a sense of horror.

But I looked down expecting to see a horror.

I woke up instead.

I have various versions of this dream all the time.

The have never before had Pat in them.

I also have a dream where I’m in some kind of weird mall – it could be in the middle ages – dream in which I am trying to get back to get back to some restaurant in the mall to have a meal, but can’t get there because, even though I think I know where I am, I really don’t know where I am; or maybe where I am keeps changing out from under me.

I also have those flying dreams.

Mine almost always start on the lawn in front of my grandparents’ place in Lake Forest Park – Seattle – which is a sloping lawn above a rather large pool (oddly, we called it “the big pool”) and I just hurl myself out and up and swoop down to the big pool and off into the adjacent woods and …

Those flying dreams are great.

But I almost never have them anymore.

And I have a lot of other sorts of dreams, but I won’t mention them now – maybe later.

Anyway, after doing that full body stretch that I do which always signifies to me that I am really going to get up and not keep trying to drop back into that dream state, I called my son.

On the phone.

Really good news.

His company has laid him off.

But he has been expecting it and has been looking forward to replacing his middle management career in a major corporation with a job in the plumbing department at Office depot.

He has been looking forward to that for some time.

Now he has got half of his wish.

Home Depot doesn’t know about his availability yet, so they haven't hired him yet.

But I’m pretty sure they will.

They’re not idiots.

Just a corporation.

However …

I was really happy for him.

But what I really wanted to tell everyone about was what happened next.

I was expecting Glenn from Appliance Repair somewhere around 08H30.

Glenn is one of those magic people that can fix anything.

Today he was coming to rebuild my Sub Zero wine cooler.

That was going to take six hours and most of the floor space of my office where the wine cooler resides.

So I wanted to get down to my office – it’s in the daylight basement – and get my morning computer work done ASAP.

So I invoked a word document.

I was in the office.

In the basement.

Where the wine cooler is.

Glenn wasn’t there yet.

I got in return for that invocation a dialogue box informing me that Microsoft Office Had Encountered Some Kind Of Catastrophic Error and that I was probably out of luck.

The short story is that, after four hours of various forms of thrashing, I got Office to work again.

The longer story, but deferred to some other time, is that I will someday tall y’all the rest of this really boring story.

But this is all for now.

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