Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Emergency Defined

donnie says that he will declare an emergency if he can’t make a deal with the democrats.

So, if he can make that deal, there isn’t any emergency?

And if he can’t there is an emergency?

So his lack of artfulness of the deal is the national emergency?

I would think that even the dolts that comprise “the base” would question that rationale.

But The Economist at the very beginning of the donnie disaster pointed out that there was a P.T. Barnum phenomenon in effect:  the rubes that Barnum made his fortune duping loved being duped.  Once duped, they had an on-going and heavily vested interest in not admitting having been duped.

As usual, The Economist saw it all clearly substantially in advance of actual events.


A couple of interesting things that I have heard recently:

1. A carelessly redacted Manafort document that says that Manafort, as donnie’s campaign chairman, passed detailed polling information to a Russian Intelligence Officer is clear indication of collusion.

2. I heard a former United States Attorney who was being interviewed on KUOW say that he believes that donnie jr and jared will be indicted and that at that point donnie will fire Mueller and then the shit will hit the fan.

By the way, on that same KUOW noontime news show I heard something several months ago that might fit into the emerging donnie and the Russians mosaic: It turns out that the much maligned Steele Dossier wasn’t commissioned by Hillary Clinton as donnie and the republicans keep saying but was a by-product of an investigation into Russian money laundering and related chicanery related to a FIFA scandal.  The fact that it morphed into stuff about donnie is sort of interesting.

I guess we may begin to hear more about urination and collusion (collusion is the street term for conspiracy; urination is the clinical term for pissing).

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