Monday, July 1, 2019

On The Reef At Sweptaway

A friend of ours owns an Etchells sailboat.

And he has several friends who also own that type of sailing craft.

Nothing could be more natural than that periodically these Etchells owners test their mettle and that of their boats by racing.

And we have a mooring buoy just far enough from the Etchells's home port in Fisherman Bay that that buoy has become the turning point where the outbound leg of the races becomes the inbound leg.

We get to see a lot of pretty boats and a lot of fancy sailing.

It was with a certain amount of dismay the other day that we looked out the window and saw our friend and his boat aground just off our beach.

Naturally I took pictures.

And my wife took pictures.

Here is the little story that those pictures tell.

Oh shit!

I hope this works.

Can you spell catapult?

Lets help the motor!

Free at last!

If we get the sails up fast we can still come in second to last!

They'll never get the sails up in time to catch us.

Especially since they have to wait for our savior. 

"Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main..."

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