Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fight For Fee

This afternoon I heard donnie bleating.

But donnie is always bleating.

Today the bleats were more sinister than normal donnie bleats.

He said that he was pretty close to closing a deal with the Saudis in which the United States would fight some kind of war with Iran and the Saudis would pay him – donnie – for it.

Allegorically I saw a few red flags.

One was that it would really be better if the Senate declared war, not donnie; there is something in the Constitution about that.

Two was that I had to wonder if the young men and women who have volunteered for military service knew at the time they volunteered that they were going to be fight-for-fee contractors hired out for engagements pretty much like a janitorial service.

Three was I wondered if the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and – oh you get the trend here – were ok with their kids and siblings being thrown into a hopper of havoc just so a fucking moron can feel good about himself.

Four was – I decided that it was pointless to mention this – that the Saudis paying donnie probably violates the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

But we are in a post Constitution America.

Just ask Mitch.

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