Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Ongoing Metamorphosis Continues

Yesterday I saw one of those really big spiders in the downstairs shower.

I was pretty sure that he/she couldn’t get out, and told myself I would get him out before he starved.

I briefly mused about what sort of metabolism spiders have and decided I didn’t know, and didn’t care enough to Google it.

I sort of forgot about it for the rest of the day and overnight.

It was convenient forgetfulness masking the fact that I wasn’t sure how to get him out.

Most entrapment devices that I have tried to employ in spider rescues have been disastrous to their legs.

I thought I remembered using a dangling cloth with success.

But those had been small spiders.

I couldn’t get over the feeling that a hand towel was too little distance and protection between me and a really large spider.

I do, no matter my recent conversion to live and let live, have an abiding horror of spiders – especially large ones.

So I sort of forgot about my rescue mission.

Just now when I saw him still there I got one of the hand towels that I keep hanging by the washer and dryer and dangled it down to him.

Smart spider: he grabbed on and I swung the towel out into the hall.

He dropped off, looked around and ran.

I think I heard “thank you, thank you” as he ran under the door into the guest bedroom.

I probably will never go in there again.

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