Tuesday, September 3, 2019

More About Dark Knell

My post titled Dark Knell is not some whimsical, just for fun, frolic of fancy.

It’s a prediction.

And I don’t at all like what I am predicting.

The story of Dark Knell is based on an assumption and a fact.

The assumption is that enough votes in our so called election system will be put in abeyance by ransomware in 2020 that it will be impossible to argue that an election has taken place; that is a huge problem.

We have had huge problems before, so, you probably are asking why the bells tolling darkly?

We have a Constitution you are probably thinking: it has seen us through the Nixon resignation in 1974, the chicanery of the Presidential election of 1960 (Nixon was Constitutional Patriot enough to accept that Kennedy had won, even though the number of votes in favor of that was only about 100,000 and most of them came from Chicago) and the hanging chads of 2000 (Gore accepted that the Supreme Court had the right to award the presidency).

But that ignores the fact.

The Constitution has always worked because at worst, most of the occupants of its three branched government were decent enough to do their checks and balances jobs; at best there have been real statesmen and women occupying enough seats in our tripartite government that even the ne'er-do-wells had to do good.

That fortuitous set of circumstances screamed to a halt on 8 October 2016.

The fact is that our Constitution is no match for an Executive who does not know anything about the Constitution, and who, therefore, has no use for its strictures, a Legislative Branch controlled by people who will do anything the Executive asks just so they can keep their seats, and a Court, that has yet to show what form of chicanery it is capable of, but which is packed by originalists and rapists who are just waiting to do the bidding of the incompetent Executive.

So when the Executive sees an election put in abeyance by ransomware, he will see it as an opportunity, not a problem; he will declare a national emergency, martial law and put himself in charge until the emergency can be unscrambled; by refusing to pay ransoms, the emergency will be unscramble-able; voila: donnie and his spawn in perpetuity. 

When the Legislature (Senate republicans) see the action of the Executive, they will not see the monstrous threat that it is, they will see an opportunity to stay in power indefinitely without any responsibility to an electorate.  They will begin feverishly writing the New American Compact (an interim constitution).

When the Court sees the shambles that has been wrought they will – five to four – clamor to be called to the writing table.

“We want input to the Compact and we want it to be permanent, not interim” will be heard ringing from the halls of the court.

I don’t need to describe that document: its source tells the tale; but the terms “president for life with dynastic ascendancy” stand out.

And the history books will say, “it was endgame; bells everywhere were heard to be tolling darkly; the inaugural crowd in 2021 was the largest crowd ever assembled on this planet”.

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