Wednesday, September 25, 2019

High Risk Tactic

I had assumed that the “transcript” that donnie said he would release of his phone call or calls to downtown Ukraine would be a work of fiction.

Probably written by Fat Billie.

Apparently not.

Editorialized and edited it is; fiction it seems not to be.

I have heard enough analysis this morning to believe that the transcript has some basis in truth – a first for donnie.

Also, I have heard lawyers say that what is documented in the transcript is indeed a crime, and that all the peripheral machinations – saying Rudy would call, and Fat Billie would call, for example – open all sorts of parallel paths of potential malfeasance.

So why would donnie do this?

After all, he may be stupid, but he is cunning.

The reason is obvious and the deployment of this tactical approach to the strategy of winning the 2020 election was already underway even before the “transcript” was released.

Various republican factotums were already fanning out across the airwaves on message.

And the message is simple:

“donnie didn’t do nuthin’ wrong.

But Joe Biden is a criminal, and his son got rich to the tune of fifty grand a month”.

An they will grind that message into the national consciousness.

(The apparent facts, directly in opposition to the republican message, are that corruption had become a huge issue to the EU and the US by 2015 as they tried to help Ukraine fight the Little Green Men from Russia.  They were adding lots of money to their moral support and lots of that money was disappearing into various corrupt Ukrainian pockets.  There was a chief prosecutor who was supposed to be going after corruption in general and one gas company in particular.  He wasn’t.  Two things were done by the United States to ameliorate this situation.  Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of that company because, as the son of the Vice President of the United States it was thought that he could bring some respectability of that company.  The Chief Prosecutor continued not to pursue corruption however. So Joe Biden, acting as Vice Roi at the direction of President Obama, and in co-operation and agreement with the Allies, went to Ukraine and got the chief prosecutor fired.  It was hoped that a new one who was more attuned to the mission of rooting out corruption would be appointed.) 

By re-arranging the time line and spinning the facts on their axes donnie and the republicans have concocted their 2020 campaign message. Given the quality of the “electorate” who are the target of this message, its success is guaranteed.

There is risk in providing evidence that donnie is blackmailing the president of Ukraine, but since there is no way in hell that donnie will be found guilty in the senate, donnie will proceed with his re-election campaign unimpeded, and armed with the hefty red meat replete message that Biden is a crook, augmented by the post trial addition of “I have been subjected to the greatest persecution since the early Christians”.

If “The Base” can be expanded to include just enough additional ravening idiots – and the “Biden is a criminal” message, the republicans believe, will facilitate this - the election will be a slam dunk.

I am not sure how all that will play if Elizabeth Warren ends up being the Democratic Nominee, but I’m sure donnie and the crowd have a plan.

All that said, the transcript is only what donnie has chosen tactically to put at risk in support of the 2020 strategy.

We need to know what really happened.

That, of course, is not possible, because the republican traitors aid and abet donnie in his criminal acts.

There is no way to penetrate the shroud of silence that the republicans will deploy to avoid the truth – truth that might cause them to lose power.

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