Monday, September 23, 2019

I Would Have Called It A Strong Speech

But since she is a young woman, some man in the press decided to characterize it as “emotional”.

So that’s all we’re gonna hear about it.

I disagree, but I guess I have to deal with the hand I have been dealt.

So here’s what think about that “emotional” speech.

I think it is amazing that a human being can say in so few words, in a language not her native tongue, something as eloquent as what Greta Thunberg said at the United Nations today.

I especially liked her use of the term “Fairy Tale”.

She is the real deal.

I hope there are a lot more like her here and there across the globe just waiting to pounce and bring the sham we are living to an end and lay the groundwork for something – something different from this millennia spanning catastrophe  – that can be tried, modified, perfected, and, perhaps, that can bring the human race into compliance with its responsibilities and potentialities.

But that’s too emotional.

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