Thursday, October 31, 2019

Une Bonne Idée

I understand donnie is going to privatize the National Parks.

He’s asking our “National Treasure” entertainment companies to bid on taking over management of the system.

It all started when somebody told him what “Grand Tetons” meant in English.

Initially that new knowledge resulted in an X rated tweet.

And that apparently got him to thinking.

“Uh Oh” was heard myriad times over the next two days.

But then he began pontificating on the subject:

“It’s like I always say – you all know I always say this – you’ve got to monetize, monetize, monetize”.

Once Yellowstone has been “re-imagineered” as “Grizzly-Wapato Land” there are plans to build a trump tower covering Old Faithful.

The idea is to hook the geyser into the plumbing system of the tower with ultimate terminuses in the huge array of solid gold toilets to be installed in each of the massively over-stated guest rooms.

“The Enema of a Lifetime” is the proposed tag line for the massive national multi-media ad campaign soon to be launched by trump media, a joint venture of donnie, jared and harvey weinstein.

They like that tagline so well they are discussing how to use it in the 2020 campaign.

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