Monday, October 7, 2019

Other Than Impeachment How’s donnie Doing?

He’s really doing horribly.

He has just destroyed any vestige of possibility that the world would continue to trust the United States and be willing to support us in adversity.

Turning our allies the Syrian Kurds over to the Turkish butchers, I think, is the last straw.

Also, watch him:

he’s still trying to figure out how to renege his way out of Afghanistan.

But speaking of impeachment it appears that the republicans are trying to move to the position that donnie is guilty of acts that are reprehensible but not impeachable.

I like that.

I like that because it creates the basis for trump to be censured by both houses of Congress.

That is what I think Nancy has had in mind all along.

The ultimate beauty of that outcome is that it turns over to the voters a totally unmasked charlatan and criminal.

One would assume that that might dampen enthusiasm for the charlatan.

And the the world can watch and see just how stupid America really is.

And the Guardian may be able to default to their classic post United States Presidential election headline after all.

The one I  previously predicted will have been thrown into the trash bin of predictions.

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