Monday, October 21, 2019

Deep - - - Something

I recently heard a feature on Here and Now on NPR which had a segment where Robin Young went to a conservative radio station in Iowa to try to have a civil conversation with people of a different viewpoint from that commonly held by residents of our two coasts.

It was pretty civil.

Robin didn’t laugh out loud even once.

The high point was when one of the call ins took over the airwaves for a large chunk of time discussing in detail how donnie and, I guess, the rest of us are all victims of the Deep State.

What the guy was describing sounded a lot to me like the highly skilled professional cadre of our fellow citizens who work for the government.

But who am I to question the wisdom of some guy on the radio in Iowa?

So I guess donnie is surrounded to the point of inundation by the deep state.

Poor guy.

Today I have been listening to Reveal on NPR; the episode is titled The Home Wreckers.

It turns out that when one scrapes back the christian tinted exoskeletons of donnie’s entire cadre one finds nothing but slime.

Rudy, it seems, is just less good at hiding it than the others.

So donnie is not surrounded to the point on inundation by the Deep State, he is surrounded to the point of inundation by the Deep Slime.

Poor us.

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