Friday, October 11, 2019

Either Way Putin Wins

It's pretty hard to argue that Putin didn't successfully rig the American Election for president in 2016.

The only question that could be argued is whether donnie had anything to do with the interference  (I have documented in previous posts that it's pretty clear that he did) and if so, is he therefore Putin's puppet.

That argument is pointless.

Even if trump isn't a puppet of Russia he is incompetent; and incompetence is a gift that keeps on giving.

Consider this.

In one fell swoop donnie recently showed the world, especially that part of it that had previously been loyal allies of the United States, that we can't be trusted and that our untrustworthiness can be fatal to its victims.

Talk to the Kurds about that.

But wait; there is more.

The beneficiary of that incompetent violation of trust is another ally, albeit one who recently would have required supreme competence from the US president to have remained an ally in good standing.

Since donnie's incompetence has unleashed the military might of that troublesome ally against the Kurds, that unleashing has tripped the dominos of the US Senate - Senators who don't agree with reneging on commitments to allies like the Kurds - and the Senate is going to "destroy the Turkish economy" in retaliation.

That will probably ultimately drive Turkey out of NATO and into military alliance with Russia.

This will be a major first step in dismantling the most successful military alliance in history.

Not a bad day's work for the biggest little green man.

So Putin doesn't need a puppet; incompetence is plenty good enough.

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