Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Disadvantage Of Being Little

The coach of the Houston Rockets tweets something in favor of the protestors is Hong Kong.

China goes internationally incandescent.

The NBA says that the coach shouldn’t oughta do that shit.

And it goes downhill from there.

American business after American business knuckles down to the Chinese view of things.
If they have even fantasies of doing business in China they are all in favor of avoiding sticky stuff like human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

You gotta keep the shareholders in mind – they’re sorta like “The Base”.

Both are so amoral that one might be tempted to change the prefix to “im”.

But back to the NBA.

A guy was thrown out of a game in Philly for having a “Free Hong Kong” sign: an American citizen was actually censured for making a statement in favor of human freedom.

One point four billion obviously trumps a paltry three hundred and thirty million.

And that vast hoard also trumps the beliefs, privileges and historic autonomy of the three hundred and thirty million of us Americans.

donnie has really made America great again.

But then his surname is trump, which rhymes with rump and donnie excels in that department.

Not hard to get to “asshole” from that point.

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