Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Heron In Paris

More specifically it was in Bois de Boulogne.
One of my favorite trees in the Bois, or even in Paris, except for the oldest tree, the one in Square René Viviani, is along the lake, and it - the tree - hangs out over the water.
I was really surprised to see a great blue heron fishing beneath it; I had only a couple of years before discovered that GBHs even lived in France; I thought they just lived on the Tombolo on Lopez Island.
I am pretending to believe that, but it's a fun little pretension. 
But they do live in Paris.
Great Blue Herons.
I envy them.
The one I had first seen - before the one here pictured - was at the terminus of the same lake where this one was imaged.
Also since then I have seen trees full of them in the Bois; or maybe they were cormorants; no matter; I wanted them to be great Blue Herons.
Since then I have gotten some great shots of a young Great Blue on the Tiber.
I guess they live in Rome too.
I envy them, also.
And I love great blue herons.
Notice that the water could have been painted by Monet.

Speaking of Monet, here is the best attempt I was able to make of the water lilies at Giverny.
It's pretty pitiful.

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