Saturday, January 18, 2020

“I’m Not Impartial”.

So says ol’ Mitch.

So much for the oath he took.

Ol’ Mitch.

Just the other day.

When ol’ John Roberts pretended to preside over the senate trial of donnie the dildo.

But otherwise, ol’ Mitch also won’t call witnesses, especially Lev Parnas, because ol’ Mitch says that ol’ Lev is some sort of criminal.

The sort of criminal ol’ Lev might ultimately be found guilty of having been is the sort that makes illegal campaign contributions to donnie the dildo.

Somehow that is –to me – a kind of weird double negative inverted legal gymnastic; a gymnastic not dissimilar in oddity to that of screwing oneself; a gymnastic being indulged in by ol’ Mitch who has already said that he is not impartial.

And he’s a man of his word.

And a man of slme.

And of Russian money.

I guess that’s just another word for slime.

So ol’ Mitch won’t call a witness who, if allowed to testify under oath, might well bring down the sad little faux presidency of donnie the dildo.

But that really doesn’t matter: ol’ Mitch says he won’t call any witnesses because he already knows the verdict.

Because he’s not impartial.

In fact, it would be better to just declare the whole thing null and void with no verdict at all.

That’s the epitome of being not impartial.

Sounds like a script for a movie: “The Dance of donnie and the Dildos”.

Maybe a Harvey Weinstein production?

The only thing missing from this sad little drama is the butcher paper package with the big dead fish inside.

That fish, historians would argue for centuries,were it to actually appear, was either symbolic of the Republic, the oath taken by ol’ Mitch or the sad little faux presidency of donnie the dildo.

Probably after a few decades they would settle on all of the above.

In any event it’s a sad kettle of fish.

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