Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Tombstone Is Being Inscribed

And it is going to say “How could 65 million people be so stupid”?

If that sounds like a newspaper headline it is: it’s Guardian the day after this year’s US presidential election.

I had suggested that if donnie got re-elected The Guardian would forge new ground – perhaps allusions to donnie”s P.T. Barnum heritage – but, now that the future has been locked and loaded (republicans love that phrase) I believe that The Guardian, in view of the monumental significance of the disappearance of the United States from meaningful world influence, will pay homage to it’s brilliant 2004 headline.

So what is the answer to that headline-question?

The answer to the question is un-rewarding: they just are just plug stupid.

And that points to the really interesting thing about here and now,  before the end of us all has occurred.

That interesting thing is that a middling regional power –Iran - has figured out how to destroy the United States.

In fairness to the United States it should be noted that the United States has been doing a good job in the last 30 years of putting the United States on the top of the chute into the dustbin of history.

But Iran has figured out how to deliver the fatal shove onto the chute.

Today they shot off a few missiles.

In the face of that existential horror donnie will get his war.

And, we all know, god fearing ‘Mericans never vote against a sitting president in time of war, even if that president is an idiot, which the last two specimens of that species – W and donnie - have been and/or will be.

donnie having been a documented idiot for many years.

But this time, unlike in 2004, the results are destined to be fatal.

donnie is going to take us down and there is not a God Damned Thing that we can do about it.

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