Friday, January 24, 2020


donnie said that nothing was damaged and nobody was hurt in the recent Iran missile strike on al Assad air base.

Here is a picture of one of the attacked buildings:

Not surprisingly, donnie was lying - obviously about the damage - but also about casualties.

34 traumatic brain injuries actually came out of the carnage.

donnie shrugged and said they had headaches.


donnie has announced a new program to re-pollute the waters of America.


donnie has announced that he is going to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Federal Housing Assistance.  
That is going to cut down on the deficit he and his republican henchmen have created by their tax cut for the one percent.
Y'all remember that tax cut?  The one donnie lied about being self funding?


donnie is being tried on two articles of impeachment.  His defense team have launched a highly effective tactic to the slam dunk prosecution case: they are doing a Full Kavanaugh - they yell, shout, tell lies and say "what about Obama"?
Sad but true.


That heroine Greta got under donnie's skin recently - again.
He said some inane thing about how she shouldn't oughta talk like that.
Or some such deeply considered viewpoint.


A recording has surfaced of a dinner party where donnie hosts Lev Parnas - that guy he, donnie, has never heard of.
donnie is heard saying "take her out".
Interesting closure on the question of who was stalking Ambassador Yovanovitch.
donnie probably meant somebody should take her out for dinner at the Kiev KFC.
Gives a whole new meaning to "probable".


These are some recent high points.
"High" being used in that donnie mirror world warp based manner that is now the style.
Of course there is more.
Sad for the rest of us.
But there is much more.

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