Saturday, January 11, 2020

Follow On To Follow On To Follow On To Boeing

To make this post make sense one would need to read from the bottom to the top.

That is because it is an email exchange between me and my son.

We both read The Economist and often banter back and forth about what The Economist has to say each week.

He also reads my blog.


I haven’t read this week’s yet – still working on the double issue; it would be useful to lay my blog post side by side with this excerpt from The Economist; I have sent the link to that blog post 4 times to KUOW’s local news guy; the third time I asked him to at least acknowledge receipt; he never has; he had, a few weeks ago, on his Friday Week in Review show the assistant editor of The Stranger; that assistant editor was careening off into Noel McKeehan blog land about Boeing until the local news guy, also host of the weekly Friday Week in Review, just shut him down; I sent the link for my blog post to that assistant editor; silence has been deafening; the host of the local news show’s wife is an executive at Boeing.

In case you want to read the post again, here is the URL.

I am going to cut/paste this exchange and make it a blog post.

From: joe mac

Sent: 11 January, 2020 18:54

To: Dad

In case you haven't read this week's issue...

Such men brought with them ge values. Taking a cue from Mr Welch, in 2001 Boeing moved its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago, putting distance between the suits in the c-suite and the engineers. As Mr Stonecipher put it in 2004: “When people say I changed the culture of Boeing, that was the intent, so it’s run like a business rather than a great engineering firm.” Shareholders loved it. Over the 15 years since, Richard Abaloufia of the Teal Group, an aviation consultancy, says $78bn was returned to shareholders, doing wonders for Boeing’s share price. But in the process, engineers’ input into decision-making was relegated, which may have contributed to the 737 max’s tragic design flaws. “The seeds of the max disaster were planted years ago,” he wrote recently.

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