Monday, January 6, 2020

Nonsense–As Usual

donnie and the crew are all crowing about donnie’s brilliant murder of a major member of the government of a sovereign nation.

Putting aside the war crime aspect of this action, so we can talk about the nonsense aspect, let’s do that: ignore that donnie can now add “murderer” to his sorry resume.

The reason, we are being told, that donnie ordered this murder to be performed is that we were in an imminent state of catastrophic danger from General Soleimani.

General Soleimani, so the donnie/republican narrative goes was going to unleash vast swathes of violence on all of us Americans.

That’s not a bad sort of power, if you can get it.

The last time am aware of a single being being able to unleash such mayhem, was Noah’s flood.

And that was unleashed by a god, not a human.

So, assuming that the mayhem that donnie and the dildos insist was imminent, was really imminent, one is forced to ask how was General Soleimani going to pull all that off (with him having been, as far as we know, not a god)?

The only answer I can come up with is there must have been “locked and Loaded” (a favorite republican war cry) operatives virtually everywhere on the planet, ready to kill, rape, maim and violate all us god fearing ‘Mericans.

Probably should have included “white” along with “god fearing” but I am woke.

Or unwoke; I have been unable to divine which I am; or if I am either; but that’s off the point.

So if that locked and loaded apparatus was cocked and ready to fire (see how I keep the metaphor going?) why did donnie take out General Soleimani instead of the apparatus?

Why didn’t he go after the apparatus of death?

Because donnie and fat mike are just liars.

Every military commander has battle plans; I would guess that General Soleimani had battle plans; I would further guess that we wouldn’t like a lot of his battle plans.

That is part of being a General in a world of competing national interests.

Ask our military.

But having battle plans doesn’t justify being murdered.

Let’s just play this game a little differently.

Imagine that donnie has just ordered his military factotums to take out General Soleimani.

Imagine that, via some heretofore unknowable phenomenon the Iranians get wind of that.

Imagine that they, therefore, unleash a heretofore unknown Iranian super weapon and take out the White House and donnie (he’ a brilliant bidnessman) all in one fell swoop.

Would that have saved General Soleimani?

No, because the apparatus of death had already been deployed: the threat from donnie had been indeed lethally imminent; so taking donnie out accomplished nothing, from the viewpoint of General Soleimani’s longevity.

So what happened to the imminent apparatus of death from Iran?

It just didn’t exist.

donnie and fat mike are lying as they always do when they activate their larynxes.

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