Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I Just Read My Post Of 17 November 2011

Russian Revolution Day 2011.

An auspicious date.

I was trying to analyze my catholic politics - catholic in the non religious meaning of the word.

I drilled down to this post today because I was thinking of using it as Exhibit A in a post for today that I had aformin'.

By the time I found the old post I had forgotten what I was going to currently post about, so I read the old one.

It was shocking, at the end of it.

I had no idea that I had ever said any of that.

The most interesting part of the post was that I called the GOP (the gop because of what I am about to reveal about what I said) a cult.

One needs to read Musings Of An Occasionally Fallen Away Democrat to discover that I was a bit more nuanced than that opprobrious term might  seem to imply.

But I used it and the irony, nine years later, is that the term "cult" inarguably describes the gop today, but it's a genuine cult, the cult of agent orange, the cult of one protoplasmic blot on the history of the human race, not a cult of ideology.

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