Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Police Reform: A Triune Farce

First it was the House of Representatives.

They want to "restructure" the police.

"Restructuring" is a first class weasel word, the meaning of which has long been lost in the mists of bureaucratic antiquity.

While incomprehensible as to its meaning, its results are easily seen: various nodules of various structures of various organizations are moved around and re-named and given different reporting structures.

Sometimes some are combined making few out of many; sometimes many are made from few; anybody that has ever worked for a large company, or anyone who has observed any kind of large organization has seen this process many times.

Nothing much changes and the re-organized organization continues on its former trajectory.


Next, and close on the heals of the first, we got donnie's executive order.

donnie is outlawing choke holds unless the police feel threatened.

Those poor little pansies - the nation's police -  have a long history of feeling threatened by black men, culminating in an astounding inventory of black corpses with shattered wind pipes or an armory's worth of bullets in their backs.

So much for the muddled thoughts of the grand wizard.


Finally, hot off the press this morning, the Senate has weighed in: they are proposing we pay the police to stop killing black men.

I heard that and stopped listening so I don't know if that is a reverse bounty per non-murder, or an aggregated bonus paid monthly.


Meanwhile we're all waiting for which American city will be host to some new night-time  black man murder.

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