Monday, June 8, 2020

Show Stopper From Biden

From the National Review:

The Joe Biden campaign has announced its opposition to defunding police departments in the wake of widespread George Floyd demonstrations, advocating for reform measures and even additional funding instead.

“As his criminal justice proposal made clear months ago, Vice President Biden does not believe that police should be defunded,” Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement. “Biden supports the urgent need for reform–including funding for public schools, summer programs, and mental health and substance abuse treatment separate from funding for policing–so that officers can focus on the job of policing.”

Bates added, “This also means funding community policing programs to improve relationships between officers and residents.” Biden’s criminal justice plan would earmark an additional $300 million to community policing efforts.


There are 20,000 police departments in the United States.

If each got an equal share of Joe's $300,000,000, that share would be $15,000 (LAPD has an annual budget of $1,189,000,000).

The ridiculousness of that proposal seems to me to be mathematically unavoidable.

But the real problem is that Biden apparently wants to leave intact a system that is working perfectly.

The police have for a couple centuries been deployed to fend off any attempt by the non white, non rich population of the United States of exercising their rights as citizens and getting ahead in life and up the ladder of success, wealth and achievement.

In the case of black people the most expeditious means of fending off has been for the police to kill them.

That's the system.

It is working perfectly.

That system needs to be dismantled.

Defunding it is the quickest way to get that done.

Joe is flat wrong: his math is ridiculous but worse, his grasp of the problem is apparently non-existent.

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