Tuesday, September 22, 2020

donnie's Saturday SCOTUS Announcement: Can't You Just See It?

 The dildo is going to announce his choice to replace RBG on Saturday.

Can't you just see it?

There will be a massive stage rigged up in the White House slime garden.

An image of the Virgin Mary (or is it The Lady of Slovenia?) will be festooned across the Whitehouse providing a dramatic backdrop for the imminent festivities: donnie's FEMALE SUPREME COURT JUSTICE.

A huge band - impressed sailors from the US Navy - will open with the Navy hymn, then the scene will transition artfully to a massive super sized screen that will suddenly appear, popping up from the ground, that will present Bert Parks singing "There She Is Miss America".

After finishing his song Bert will transition in the video with a screen scrape sideways to a fade in to Ol' Mitch and the Boys singing and dancing to "You Can't Always get What You Want".

Then a huge cake will be wheeled onto the stage in front of the Navy Band.

After a massive crash of dramatic chords issued from the various band instruments of the Navy and donnie shrieking mindlessly something about "I give you Roe vs Wade" some generic blond republican fascist woman (image of same here) will leap out of the cake clad in a high school cheer leader's outfit.

She will shriek into the void in the slime garden " god bless America; god bless Mitch McConnel; god bless president trump".

A flight of Vietnam era Huey choppers, Navy whatever Fxxs they fly these days, and vintage Airforce C130s (in support of tradition - a reference to SCOTUS before expropriation) will then buzz the stage.

Fade to black.

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