Saturday, September 19, 2020

Supreme Court Slam Dunk

 Ol' Mitch and the boys are ready to get another fascist on the Supreme Court.

Time before last Ol' Mitch said that with ten months before a Presidential election the people needed to be given the right to have a voice in the choice: he blocked the nomination of Obama's candidate.

That was a fairly heinous breach of the Constitution.

Most probably.

But nobody cared much.

By Monday morning, if the Senate stays in session every day until 3 November there are 44 days left until the election.

There are two things to consider here.

First the Supreme Court is the unbelievably important, co-equal third branch of our government.

Indulging in a slap dash 44 day long goat rodeo to appoint Justice Ginsburg's successor is malfeasance of a criminal sort (I considered a term starting with "cluster" for my description here, but I thought better of it; if you've ever seen a goat rodeo you will probably concur that it is a suitable alternative description).

Second if 300 or so days is way too little time in which to effect such an appointment, what is 41 days?

Alternate facts reign supreme.

There is a way that I can think to stop this impending farce, however.

The House of Representatives should rev up the impeachment machine again.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of  impeachable acts committed by donnie before and after his last Court date.

If the Senate can slam dunk a Justice, the House can slam dunk some Articles.

Let's see how Ol' Mitch and the boys handle that little side show.

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