Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Images From Paris Aquarium Tropical

 When I am in Paris I always go to the Paris Aquarium Tropical.

It's a great place to spend a rainy afternoon, having taken the Metro, to avoid the rain, to get there.

On a sunny day it is an equally great place to visit, having walked down the Seine to Pont d'Austerlitz and across to la Bastille and along the back side of the new Opera to the steps leading up to la Promenade des Plantes, and all the way down la Promenade to the golden guy right by an entrance to le Bois de Vincennes; skip the Bois and go left, behind the golden guy and across the street to le Aquarium.

The aquarium is always full of teachers and parents with hoards of little kids who pound on the faces of the aquariums, all of which have signs saying ne touchez pas, or something similar.

I always take an amazing number of pictures, most of which are a waste of chip space, the lighting conditions and activity level of the denizens of the aquariums being what they are.

But I do get a few that are pretty good.

Here are some of them.

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