Tuesday, September 29, 2020

This Is How Bad It Is

 This morning I finally got around to sending an email to a friend of mine who has a lot of guns.

I have a lot of guns too.

Most of mine are left over from my much earlier life when I was a hunter - birds mostly - but I also have some great hand guns that I inherited from my father in law.

Anyway, my gun owning friend travels to some extent in the same environment as do various militia types.

I have been curious about how much he knows about the militias in his neighborhood.

Here is what I sent an hour or so ago.

"Are you in a militia?  

I assume not, but just curious.  

I do assume that you have some idea of the deployment of various militias in your part of Florida, so the other question is, do you think they will take over your part of the state if trump doesn't win?

I am more worried about the Midwest and especially New York.

I think they have more nooks and crannies in those states in which to hide and mount attacks.

It appears to me that we can't depend on the military to put down an insurrection because so many members of the active duty military are of the trump demographic: no-hopers with nothing much going for them, white supremacists and militia members. 

I would have thought that this was dystopian fiction if I were reading the email six years ago; but life moves on.

All my guns are in Seattle and I have thought about bringing a couple of them to Lopez "just in case" but I realized that if it comes to that there isn't much left, and I'm not really interested in killing anybody in defense of not much left; in any event shooting some asshole isn't going to change the balance: there are way too many assholes for me to be able to kill them all, so I guess it's wait and see.

(I understand - if I would buy a decent hamburger gun I could kill all the assholes I want; the problem is that the assholes all have hamburger guns and "n" assholes with hamburger guns are way more firepower than "one" Noel with a hamburger gun. The story ends the same.)

I have no idea the state of my ammunition in any event.  It's all past the "use by" date, so it's probably not worth much."

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