Monday, June 27, 2022

Ol' Mitch And The Boys Just Got Joined By Amy The Rabbit

 Coney = rabbit.

And you know how they - rabbits - must copulate to produce the broods they are well known for.

I can't think of why else the Coney Court would promulgate what it did last Friday.

She must have a deep-seated need to proliferate.

She of course has the economic wherewithal to do that: copulate and proliferate.

But what about the rest of us?

Those of us that are currently cash flow managing our food/gasoline/utilities/etc. budgets on our credit cards (at 15% uplift daily for the privilege).

That, of course, applies to the minority of us that have credit cards.

We are hoping, for example, that universal day care will magically somehow get out of the iron grip of Ol' Mitch and the Boys.

But it can't; and it won't; nor will any of the other things that are in a bill that would move America into the quadrant of real modern countries; Ol' Mitch and the Boys are in control; they own the third branch; they own the saucer in which the coffee was to be cooled.

(The preceding comment is referring to a breakfast conversation between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson; the analogy made by Washington was that the Senate was constructed as it was to offer a cooling mechanism to the frenzy of legislating emanating from the "people's branch" of the Legislature, just as Jefferson had poured coffee from his cup into a saucer to cool it.  As I wrote this post the analogy appeared to me to equally apply to the Supreme Court as it once was, and still should be, in these heat-filled days of shouting "what goes around comes around").

It's being cooled no more.

They have decided to boil it.

So where does this lead?

Here is where it leads for those of us that are at the pinnacle of the nadir of the economics of the emerging Feudal States of America: see below.


From Wikipedia

"Serfdom was the status of many peasants under feudalism, specifically relating to manorialism, and similar systems. It was a condition of debt bondage and indentured servitude with similarities to and differences from slavery, which developed during the Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages in Europe and lasted in some countries until the mid-19th century."

"Unlike slaves, serfs could not be bought, sold, or traded individually though they could, depending on the area, be sold together with land. The kholops in Russia, by contrast, could be traded like regular slaves, could be abused with no rights over their own bodies, could not leave the land they were bound to, and could marry only with their lord's permission.  Serfs who occupied a plot of land were required to work for the lord of the manor who owned that land. In return, they were entitled to protection, justice, and the right to cultivate certain fields within the manor to maintain their own subsistence. Serfs were often required not only to work on the lord's fields, but also in his mines and forests and to labour to maintain roads. The manor formed the basic unit of feudal society, and the lord of the manor and the villeins, and to a certain extent the serfs, were bound legally: by taxation in the case of the former, and economically and socially in the latter."


Since enough of us in enough states are being denied the capability (rights be damned; those are foo foo, extremist left wing artifices) to vote, even for the keeper of the gates for election administration in those states, the most of us are pretty much screwed.

Welcome to serfdom, mes amis.

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