Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Old Pardon Gambit Looms Large

From NBC News:

" WASHINGTON — Republicans and other sources are rebutting elements of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony before the Jan. 6 committee, handing Donald Trump and his allies ammunition as they seek to discredit her and portray her as an unreliable witness.

Hutchinson’s account Tuesday about a dramatic physical altercation between Trump and his top security official on Jan. 6 has come under intense scrutiny after sources told NBC News that two witnesses were prepared to testify under oath that it never happened."


Cassidy was such a game changer that the republicans have to negate her.

Fear, uncertainty and doubts are the first order of the day.

But after Fox has blanketed nut-land with FUDs for some indeterminate timespan, one fact will remain.

Ms. Hutchinson's testimony is all under oath.

The only way to directly attack that is not Fox, no matter how much slime they can conjure.

The only way to directly attack that is testimony under oath refuting everything Ms. Hutchinson has said.

Assuming that Cassidy was telling the truth (which seems to me to be a very likely to be true assumption - why would a talented young American with an obviously bright future comit perjury on national television?) that says that donnie and the dildos need to recruit a kamikaze cadre to lie under oath and take the criminal risk that such action entails.

That all works out, the kamikazes will be, told, because, as soon as donnie has been re-installed, they will all be pardoned.

 We are so screwed.

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