Saturday, June 11, 2022

Real Irony: The Great Rehearsal

 In 1948 a scholar named Carl van Doren published a book he titled The Great Rehearsal.

The book is a beguilingly accessible tale of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia.

I re-read it every few years: knowing the who, what and why of our - Constitutional - now, is worth refreshing every now and then.

Therefore, the words "great rehearsal" loom large in my life and my way of looking at things: they signify 234 years of orderly transition of power and life within the rule of law.

How ironic that 17 months ago we witnessed another great rehearsal, planned, aided and abetted by our then Constitutional Executive, a handful of co-operating Constitutional Legislators and by all but two of the members of the political descendants of the Federalist Party; that recent rehearsal was designed as a dry run of an exercise ultimately intended to overturn the work product of that first Great Rehearsal. 

17 months and counting.

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