Friday, July 22, 2022

The State Of The Dam

 I just heard an audio clip on NPR of Ol' Steve Bannon coming out of the courtroom after being found guilty of contempt of Congress.

He said he thanked the jury for their work but decried the gutless members of the January 6 Committee because "they didn't come down here and testify".

Stevie, Stevie, get ahold of yourself (not there; mentally and psychologically, I meant).

The case was so simple that a moron could understand it.

Which should have been good for you, Ol' Stevie.

But I guess I need to lay it out.

You were accused of refusing to respond to a subpoena to appear before the Committee.

Such refusals are a crime.

You refused to respond.

The prosecutor gave the publicly available details of your refusal.

Pretty vanilla; open and shut; no real issues.

Your defense employed the Tucker Carlson Defense: they just asked a lot of questions, apparently hoping to cause doubt in at least one juror.

It didn't work; the case was clear and open and shut.

And why would anybody with anything better to do - for example Liz Chaney or Bennie Thompson - come to testify in a case that was open and shut; it just needed a lawyer competent enough to say a few words about the law, and present the copious publicly available information about how you had violated it?

And with that, the dam has broken.

But that may not matter.

I hope we make it through November.

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