Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Mayor Of Highland Park's Point Of View

 Starting yesterday I have heard her say essentially the same thing - again and again.

And it is so accurate, so correct, that in any other place than donnieland the legislature would have called itself into holiday session and enacted a starting point: laws that create a framework for dismantling - over an unacceptable timespan, but nonetheless dismantling ultimately - the idea that Americans have the right to wave guns around in church, on buses, in Super Markets, at Fourth of July Parades and, most especially, in our schools.

One of so many things that needs to not only be outlawed, but ferreted out, that the mention of it makes one just sigh and want to pull one's head into one's shell and hope some future generation outlaws it - "I don't need that kind of friction in my life now that I am so late in my life" - is allowing Americans to buy weapons of war.

They are not hunting weapons.

They are not defense of home weapons.

They are weapons of war.

The AR/15 is an M16 that doesn't have a toggle between automatic fire and semi-automatic fire.

The M16 is the weapon that I qualified on just before I went to Vietnam.

It's a nice little weapon: low recoil, high magazine capacity, light weight, easy to point; I missed my marksman medal by one bullet.

The qualification was on semi-automatic; the Sergeants in charge of the qualification saw no value in turning a paper target to pulp; big, ragged holes in the target told the tale they wanted to see.

But back to Automatic v Semi-Automatic.

Automatic: pull the trigger and until you release the trigger bullets fly out of the magazine until the magazine is empty; the magazine is the cannister of bullets that one can attach to the gun before pulling the trigger; the biggest magazine that I have been able to find for AR/15 id 100 bullets; that's a lot of hamburger.

In Vietnam we had a different gun that used the M16 bullet, but was mounted in various of our aircraft, primarily Hueys, but I think I remember also, C123s.

It was a full "machine gun" with coils, not magazines, of M16 bullets, with a red tracer every five bullets.

I was an intelligence officer, and from what I remember from our sources, that weapon was one of two that really scared the Viet Cong; they thought it was a ray gun.

The other was the B52: the B52 came in at out of hearing altitude and dumped a trainload of 750 pound bombs on a target; the Cong, when they were the target found the transition form silence to Armageddon to be disconcerting.

But pardon the war stories.

Semi-automatic: one needs to keep pulling the trigger; there is a minute lapse between one trigger pull and the follow-on trigger pull; that usually makes the difference between large grain and fine grain hamburger; they use the same magazines as the M16.

Based on the audio content of the video I have seen of the Highland massacre, there must have been some kind of device used to make the trigger pull basically automatic (a bump stock, for example is a passive device that, when placed between the butt of the gun and the trigger puller, causes each recoil to bounce the weapon back to the shooter's shoulder, thus causing the finger to engage the trigger a beat sooner that human fingers allow; voila - automatic hamburger).

One other thing needs to be known about the M16 and its child, the AR/15: the bullet is slightly bigger than a 22-caliber rifle's bullet; but it is designed to tumble, end over end, through the air, as it broaches its target; that design point is on purpose; a tumbling bullet - even a relatively small one, can tear some big holes in a target; most deer hunters would rather have a piece of meat with as little wear, tear, mayhem and blood as possible - venison is best without residual blood - but some hapless enemy somewhere? 

Let it rip.

And that's what weapons designed to "neutralize" humans do.

They rip.

When one adds hollow point to the 223-caliber bullet of the AR 15 - hollow point causes the bullet to start to melt as it encounters friction and makes it a splat instead of a bullet; and it has already started to tumble.

Does this give any of you any idea of what the various doctors who have been interviewed in some of the most recent massacres have been talking about when they have said something about "unthinkable headwounds"?

But, back to the starting point of this blog, let's hear what Mayor Nancy Rotering has to say.

These weapons that keep being used to kill innocent people are "weapons of war designed to destroy human life".

The NRA, Ol' Mitch and the Boys and the republican traitor party all say that those weapons are simply designed to eliminate one step in the production of deer burger.

How efficiently American.


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