Saturday, July 2, 2022

What's In It For The Rabbit?

 I only read three periodicals.

They are The Economist, The Week and Islands' Weekly (the Weekly for the Sherriff's log).

The other two that I read have done a yeoman's job of covering the quivering corpse of Roe v Wade.

They have accurately and mercilessly described the Dark Age Implications of the rabbit and the boys' recent overturn of an instance of stare decisis that, for fifty years, made America a modern nation.

Coney = Rabbit, remember?

I realize that that equation, that I keep proffering, is utterly sexist; but stick with me; I have a question that may alter that viewpoint.

The only over the air/streaming news that I consume comes from NPR and PBS.

I have a Gwen Ifill shrine installed in the corner of my living room; I have always thought of her as my other daughter.

Those video sources have paralleled the coverage I have gotten from my periodicals.

We are so screwed.

So, I have been stewing and bubbling and being brought to a boil ever since 24 June.

But tonight the pot boiled over and then, the flame driving it having been extinguished by the fluid on the flame, I came to "closure" while watching Chelsea Handler do her last - current era - guest monologue on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

This was the Pro Abortion, Pro Women's Rights, Pro Women's Right To Live, to name a few, icing on their cake.

Chelsea is a woman; the women I have seen in the streets since 24 June are women (nice symmetry there); I think I know that the Rabbit is a woman.

Or is there some weird robotic cloning facility in the basement of the Court?

Just a question.

But then, the question of questions: so, if the Coney is human, not Supreme Court Basement Robotery, what's in it for the Rabbit?

To Be Continued, if I live that long.

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