Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Pictures En Lieu Of Invective

 Occasionally I post some images to offset my fake news outbursts and unfair attacks on donnie the dildo.

Here are some more.


Somewhere in some church.

On Iceberg Point on Lopez Island: every March/April a desert portion of the island comes alive with pinks and maroons and yellows and blues.  Butterflys and bees abound. and all is good.

There are, however, other inhabitants of Iceberg Point.

And back in the woods the orchids show themselves.

Outside a church in Santa Fe

Paris 2006: 22 rue Guénégaud

A crow in le Jardin des Plantes

They are not native to America; this one was in le Jardin du Luxembourg.

Henri IV, not far from le Jardin du Luxembourg, on Pont Neuf, which he commissioned to be built as a bridge for the people of Paris: no buildings on it; a place for promenade and contemplation; it still is that to this day.

Screen Saver's theme

l'Institute de France after dark

A family in le Bois de Boulogne

Some friends and family

Where RER stop St Michel meets le Départ St-Michel: the naval of the Universe

I wrote a time travel blog post about this image.

I take myriad pictures of roses in Paris.

A magic place recently re-purposed, I suppose

A sushi lunch gone awry

The dildo in Paris

Trees and clouds can fringe on magic.

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