Saturday, October 22, 2022

What Did You Do In the War, Daddy?

I described this in Screen Saver; this is what is left of a rather large lake that manifested itself during the monsoon; I saw this on my first day is Saigon; I took the picture on almost my last.


Saigon had great bread; there were some tooth-breaking snail shells in it on occasion, but it was so good that i just didn't care; I was young and really wasn't sure why I needed to have teeth; Adrian Gobel made amazing sloppy joe sandwiches with these baguettes as base; I have never forgotten them. 

This was how the Generals' cars were kept dust free.

I named him Frank.  There is a section in Screen Saver about him.  The Smothers Brothers had a character called Frank the Hiking Chicken.  That's how Frank got his name.

Don't be misled by the beautiful blue; that is just a reflection of the sky on tar-like liquid masquerading as water. 

Saigon fast food.

They were my neighbors; I have always wondered what must have happened to them.

I guess this set the stage for my latter-day love of French markets.

This is a picture from the roof of the building I lived in for a year; it is also the cover of my mini-memoir, Saigon 1967.

I've always felt kindred to fishermen.

Ao Dai means, I was told, "long shirt".

I don't want to talk about the chickens.

Maybe my parrot fascination started here; this market had all sorts of other creatures for sale.

Street scene 1967

Hard to get telephoto on target in time to get what it is that's hurtling by; it's a lot like trying to get a picture of a great blue heron landing on the tombolo on Lopez Island.

My friend again

Not quite rue de Rivoli, but close

We always had cucumbers and sliced onions in vinegar in the officer's clubs' salad bars; I ate a lot of cucumbers that year.  They had really big seeds - something to spit into the nether regions of the dining room.

So French

Somehow this always puts me into the middle of Good Morning Vietnam.

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