Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Munich And Peace In Our Times - Again

 History doesn't repeat itself we are told.

We are told that constantly.

And we are told that because that is generally true.

I was appalled, horrified and shocked by yesterday's withdrawn letter to President Biden from the US House of Representatives Progressive Caucus instructing the President to enter into negotiations with Putin for the termination of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

That Caucus - that 30-member group of Democrats, my party of choice - became in one day of infamy, united forever with Neville Chamberlain, a well-intentioned British Prime Minister who gave the last card in a temporarily winning hand to Adolph Hitler.

At Munich.

"Peace in our times" the banner he unfurled.

Then Hitler invaded Poland.

Then he took France in a couple of days.

Then he ...

Then we ... almost lost Western Civilization.

After he had lost his final turn at the table 'dolphie ended his life with a Luger and, along with his - whatever she was - female accomplice, was burned in gasoline down to only his jawbone that sycophants, few though they continued to be, put in a box for posterity.

We have never heard if Eva had any bones in the charred mix.

The lives lost and treasure wasted on that ultimate result - a charred jawbone in a box - was hardly worth that result; and that result was occasioned because Chamberlain thought appeasement made any sense.

History doesn't repeat itself we are told.

But if President Joe had taken that letter seriously it would have.

Repeated itself.

And what gave Pramila Jayapal the idea that that letter, and its Munich-based message, was a thing that America, or the World ought to sign on to?

In a slice of time in which I really believe that America as it has been for 240 years - a Washingtonian-Peaceful-Transfer-of-Power sort of country is dying, I can't even begin to say how disheartening is that Progressive Caucus letter.

Having seen how they really think, I have no one to respect as bearers of the banner of America anymore.

And what gave them the idea that Joe Biden could negotiate en lieu of Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy?

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